Parrocchia Madre Teresa di Calcutta 

   Martinsicuro (TE)

DON MARCO: Here is a wonderful family of God: Veronica and Damian and their children Enilce and Uriel. They live in Pineto (in the province of Pescara), they are Argentinian and they have lived in Italy for three years. Tell us your story.

VERONICA: Last year (2012) I got pregnant for the second time. Doctors found some cysts, which covered the entire left lung. We were warned that this situation was rather serious, leading to heart failure, damages to the development of the right lung, and that perhaps the baby would be dead. They recommended abortion because in these cases it is the usual practice: this disease is new and it has no cures. Cysts would have moved his heart and compromised other organs. For the childbirth it would have been necessary in any case to act surgically. This disease is new and nobody could know how the child would have been born and many other things ...

Our marriage has always been founded on God, we did not even consider abortion, and we decided to go on in the pregnancy. Each week the doctors were telling us a different thing, there was no guarantee because there were no cures. But this 'disgrace', as someone called it, has united our family and made us pray much more. Then we met Don Marco, who gave us his full support both with words and with prayers. Later we started to tell prayers for healing and each following week I had an ultrasound to see if there had been improvements. After the first healing prayer in front of the Holy Sacrament and thanks to the Anointing of the Sick in the small church in Via Napoli in Martinsicuro, the ultrasound pointed out that the development of his cysts had stopped. Our doctor told that it could be normal, since its development was unknown. Week after week, his cysts became smaller and smaller, and the baby in my womb grew normally. His heart and other organs were back in place, and his weight, too. The doctor always told us to be careful because the development of the disease was unknown, it could worsen already the following week or even no longer be there. Then the doctors decided to do a C-section because the baby could not be born by natural birth because of excessive stress and suffering that childbirth would cause to his lung. But Uriel decided to be born with a natural birth on15th December. Despite all that doctors said, Uriel is 3 months and he is growing well. We are sure that all his problems have disappeared but doctors still do not believe and they have decided to make him a CAT scan on 5th April. According to them, what happened to Uriel is not possible. They think that in his left lung there is still a cyst. They say it could be lung cancer and they should remove a part of it. But after the prayer that cyst is so small that at worst it would need to remove only a small part of his lung, and he would live a completely normal life. We are happy and we thank God and the Virgin Mary. We are sure that the prayer of those who knew us and those who did not know us was very important. These miracles happen especially when there are people who pray for unknown people and we found so many people of faith during this difficult path. If in April doctors tell us that our baby will have to undergo surgery, we are sure that God will assist us, because neither we, nor the doctors, but He has decided for Uriel’s life. We are sure that He will give us another chance. We only ask you to continue praying for Uriel. After 5th April we'll see what happens. In newborn Uriel’s radiography report there were no cysts and the doctors said: "It is not possible that nothing is there!" So that's a miracle, something impossible to men!